vrijdag 3 april 2020

Parasitic University of London

The Parasitic University focusses on issues related to the access of academic resources in marginalised communities and the redistribution of cultural capital.

"Parasites are organism which attach themselves to host bodies and syphon nutrients from them. Parasites often contribute to the spread of viruses and immune deficiencies within their hosts, but there are many parasites which maintain reciprocal altruism with their hosts. Such as cleaner fish which live off the dead skin of sharks or primates which take turns grooming one another.
Serving the dual purpose of both removing potentially harmful insects and providing sustenance in the consumption of said insects.The Parasitic University act similarly within academic systems, through stealing educational resources and redistributing them with the embodied spirit of reciprocally altruistic parasites.
Through the theft of educational resources and the injection of divergent and alternative forms of knowledge and information will act as antibody, which can heal the system while providing essential nutrients to the parasitic learners(ie user/students)."

"Most major universities in London hold nightly open lectures on a wide range of subjects and disciplines. While this is a great resource, it is highly under promoted. Making these lecture “open” or “free” only to those already attending the universities where they are held.
The parasitic university attempts to broaden the access to these resources and creates curricula using the open lectures as classes within user developed
“academic programs”"

Abdullah Elias