zaterdag 2 mei 2020

the Feminist Parasite Institution

No More Fun and Games
Curated: Jesse Jones (2016)

"Setting as the target an ossified history of phallocentric art, Jesse Jones contemplates themes of empowerment and social renewal by interrogating how art has been misrepresented in museums through the in-cessant selection of male artists. She has established the Feminist Parasite Institution– an informal curatorial collective created through social connections and political affinities – for her exhibition of new work entitled No More Fun and Games. this parasite institution aims to use the gallery’s collection as material for raising feminist consciousness, putting into circulation a set of objects, actions and rumours, conceptually situated somewhere between separatist femi-nist theory and lucky strikes into the heart of the collection."(..)

 Act I: Curating the Canon
“Invading the gallery space, the Feminist Parasite Institution redeploys the suffragette tactic of comedy to reflect on the museum as a historical actor and an abstract site of performance and resonance. This improvisation in institutional critique feeds off the resources available, taking up physical space but existing in the live drama of coexistence. The ‘parasite’ intends to disrupt the canon of art history and interrupt gender-bias as the discriminating filter to the provenance of art history through a series of events, performances and tours. Collective writings will address and argue the question of gender equality in the construction and commemoration of history.”