maandag 29 augustus 2022

Sonbeek 20->24 Parasite-Radio Para-DAI

Thinking through the Para: beside, alongside parallel currents, paranormal paradigmes Sonsbeek20>24 COOP collective explores the para parasite on site from Performing Arts Forum with a live broadcast on ice on Thursday evening at 19:00 pm. Through this program we work with the para as a proximity and an entry point to various dubs in relation to the notion of ‘speaking nearby’ as coined by filmmaker Trinh T. Minh-ha. We invite you to paradoxically parachute your voices to our play of public sonic intimacy.

 Parasite Radio explores the (digital) ether as a possible exhibition space, situating sound and oral cultures, across histories, languages and geographies. Sonsbeek presents radio as a methodology that searches, listens, travels, guests, and hosts from different sites, both online and offline, in Arnhem, Europe, and the world. Connected to sonsbeek20→24’s main topic of concern, Parasite Radio looks into, narrates and documents the different layers and entangled relations between labor and the sonic, in the past, present and future. Parasite Radio is of young and old, migrant, undocumented, retired, non workers and workers of all métiers alike. During these exceptional times, with many people cut off from social life and ideas of communality, Radio Parasite aims to “step into the complicated maze of experience that renders “ordinary” folks so extraordinarily multifaceted, diverse, and complicated”. sonsbeek20→24  kick off in Arnhem: we invite you to listen, speak, gossip, jam and hang out with us at WALTER books, on the air, online and offline.